SPORT FOR ALL Project, Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

The project is implemented in accordance with AGREEMENT № 2015 – 3581 / 001 – 001



Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care has the pleasure to invite you to take part in ‘AMBASSADORS FOR SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY’ TRANSNATIONAL CAMP, ACTIVITY 4, TASK 4 under SPORT FOR ALL Project.





The training will give you the opportunity to receive practical skills on how to plan, market and manage sport and physical activities projects, establish networks and use the social networks opportunities to promote the positive effects of sports for prevention of mass sicknesses such as stress, diabetes, obesity, and a way for healthy ageing.  To promote the role of sport and physical activity against mass illnesses of youth and adults, and as an instrument for social changes will be the focus of each practical training day.

ProgramDay 1. Registration. Greetings – SPORT AMBASSADORS – the way to be a leader for a better future. Presentations of some of the best essays for application for the activity. Day 2. “SPORTS FOR HEALTHY AGEING”/ “Sports for youth inclusion”/ ‘Sports for successful business”. Presentation of the 3 streams of the trainings. Option for match-making – for group work on transnational projects. Counseling, organized in work panels in accordance with the chosen priority. Participants from different countries who have selected one and the same priority will be encouraged to work on transnational projects under them. Sport ambassadors – group training – Sport as a tool for social changes /the various options the sport can improve the personal and professional wellbeing will be demonstrated via best practices from experts and sport volunteers/. Day 3. Medical check and healthy sport and lifestyle routine. Basic check and individual counseling with medical and psychology experts will be conducted so as to analyze the participants physical conditions, the suitable sports he/she may demonstrate or support via volunteering and advice for healthy sport and food habits routine/. The medical checks will be conducted in the Medical Centre in Albena Resort by experienced professionals. The checks are needed as the participants will participate in sport activities demonstration and training games. Those who are not fit for the sport they like, may choose another one or participate as volunteers. Collaborative work – TRANSNATIONAL SPORT PROJECTS – while individuals are passing the checks, the others continue their work and receive counseling for the projects they have decided to develop /one of the 3 priorities/. Day 4. SPORT AMBASSADORS – how to organize and manage sport and physical activity events, initiatives and projects /the basics for organization skills, volunteer network identification, stakeholders identification, financial matters, security issues and disability issues/. Practical training – part 1. Work session – Improve your SPORT AMBASSADOR project. Day 5. SPORT AMBASSADORS – how to organize and manage sport and physical activity events, initiatives and projects /the basics for organization skills, volunteer network identification, stakeholders identification, financial matters, security issues and disability issues/. Practical training – part 2. Work session – THE SMART SPORT AMBASSADOR project.  Cross-sectoral approach will be encouraged. Each group which has elaborated on its project in one of the three priorities will select a presenting leader. They will present the project idea and the groups chosen projects from the other 2 priorities will be encouraged to suggest cross-discipline approach and look for synergy among the projects priorities. Day 6. – Day 7. Demonstration on sports, and basic rules and exercises for more sport and physical activities in your community. Under medical supervisions, the ambassadors will participate in demonstrations in grassroots sports – divided in groups depending on their preferences and projects. Some will dance, others  will play football or participate in demonstration organization of sport events /or simulated fund-raising activity /or simulated dialogue with medias or public stakeholders. Day 8. THE SMART SPORT AMBASSADOR project – participants work in a group and do match-making, receive counseling to refine their projects. Thus each project will involve at least 2 of the priorities described – guarantee for multicultural and cross-discipline approach. It is supposed that each participant has chosen his/her priority in accordance with their interests, knowledge, background and etc. Thus all the projects developed during the training will be both focused on one priority and sustainable, as will combine expertise from various fields. Day 9. Group training – social networks – opportunity for the Sport ambassadors to keep in touch. After the training all the participants and groups that joined around specific project will receive the experts support from the experts from the 5 partnering countries. They will receive advice from them – for the start, or the organization and implementation of their designed projects. They will also choose one leader of each group who will coordinate the projects and will report to the applicant – what are his/her particular projects activities in 3 months after the training has finished. Some participants may conduct sport events when they come back home, others  may take awareness raising campaigns or start the preparation of sport projects and etc. / Departure.

Guest lecturers from: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Portugal and Turkey


PERIOD: 7-15 September 2016

For participants outside Albena Resort, we provide: organized transport and accommodation. Please do not hesitate to contact the project team for more information and organization of your stay and participation. Participation in all events organized under the project is free. We provide the necessary specialized support for participants with disadvantages or special dietary restrictions