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Project coordinator: Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

Project coordinator and initiator, the federation is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project activities.

PARTNERS: The project is implemented in partnership consortium of 7 countries and 10 partners.

This activity aims to investigate innovative approaches for joint activities involving sport as a method for decreasing the school violence, tackle aggression among youth and increase the effective collaboration among stakeholders for fighting the school aggression and any form of intolerance and discrimination.

The activity includes: exchange of experience, best practice studies, transnational seminars and forums, as well as mobile training throughout the country.

Planned period for seminars – from April 2016 to May 2017

Pilot subproject for research and analyses of the training curriculum and the existing sport facilities at 8 regions in Bulgaria, of successful sport initiatives, conducted by the local, national authorities, mass schools, kindergartens and social care institutions, and NGOs. Also the level of interaction among the public bodies, and mass education system representatives and the social care institutions for more sport activities in the institutions/ and or organization of sport events involving joint sport activities among youth from institutions and outside them.

Main subactivities are: field research, development of a HANDBOOK for grassroots sports for the specialists in social care institutions, interactive sport trainings under the motto: “Transition cannot be a stop for sports”, mobile trainings under the motto: “Best practices, new approaches and transnational collaboration”. The experts from the project partners and the applicant will form mobile training team that will conduct 2 days intensive trainings and promotion events in schools, kindergartens or municipalities from Bulgaria. The target group of the activity are experts from NGOs, education, social care system, public bodies and media. Guest lecturers: sport experts or project managers in respective field, psychology consultants, experts from local authorities of the partner countries. The events in Bulgaria will be held in Sofia, Albena Resort, and in the regions – for mobile trainings.

Planned period – from March to October 2016 and by May 2017

It includes a series of specialized transnational trainings and roundtables with participants from seven countries.

Planned period: from April 2016 to May 2017

This activity will focus on participation of youth and adults interested in sport volunteering.

Target groups: any individual interested in sport volunteering/ public authorities – so as to inform their citizens on the opportunities, any professional, or representatives of the voluntary sectors, NGOs, the education system, the social care system, the business sector and individuals and etc. no matter of his/her professional background and capacity motivated and able to act as project multiplier in his community or professional field. The participation of organizations, active in voluntary activities /with mature projects looking for partners in sports, or with relevant expertise in sport volunteering will be encouraged/. The main focus of the activity is active transnational seminars, trainings, forums, transnational informational campaigns. Especially for youth workers and youths, in February 2016, our SPORT VOLUNTEER OPEN OFFICE will be opened in Sofia at the coordinator’s premises and in the biggest national resort and sport and recreation centre Albena. The open office will function in Sofia /from 02.02.16 to 15.12. 16/, and at the seaside in ALBENA resort from 02.03.16 to 01.10.16/. A special event in the summer will be a TRANSNATIONAL CAMP for SPORT VOLUNTEERS – this will be a camp, which will be organized for any individual and stakeholder representative /from the mentioned target group/ who is interested to learn the practical opportunities and benefits for sport volunteering, to inform about the necessary training and specific requirements –which may vary among countries, and events at local, national and international level. Lecturers with experience in the organization of voluntary sport activities will be invited and AMBASSADORS FOR SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – TRANSNATIONAL CAMP. Interactive trainings with simulations for not professional sport and physical activity inspirators who are willing to act as SPORT and physical activity ambassadors at the local communities. Specialized trainings for active people at the age from 18  to  65 who will be trained on basic skills for organization of sport events or initiatives and physical activities at home, in their community. They will receive practical skills on how to plan, market and manage their sport and physical activities projects, establish networks and use the social networks opportunities to promote the positive effects of sports for prevention of mass sicknesses – such as stress, diabetes, obesity, and a way for healthy ageing. To promote the role of sport and physical activity against mass illnesses of youth and adults, and as instrument for social changes will be the focus of each practical training day.

The main goal of this activity is to raise the public institutions awareness on sport and physical activities as an effective instrument for improving the social capital of the EU. It includes a series of transnational forums, roundtables, seminars and conferences for SMART COLLABORATION for popularization of sport.

Planned period: 03.2016 – 05.2017

One of the primary strategic goals of the current call and other EU initiatives is to encourage collaboration for sport and physical activities with among sport stakeholders and various industries.

Effective collaboration needs efforts which the public stakeholders plan to put with the business sectors. But the business sector needs direct profit prospective in order to be more active partner. The activity includes series of forums, seminars, interactive trainings which will raise the awareness of business about sports activities benefits and will highlight the interrelation among sport and other industries and encourage better collaboration among public and private stakeholders for more sport events.

Planned period: 03.2016 – 05.2017

The project also provides an active information campaign in seven countries, which, together with the management, will be realized during the period: 01.01.2016 – 30.06.2017

PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: The project will be realized in the period: 01.01.2016 – 30.06.2017. You can find information about project events at the office of the coordinator every working day from 09:00 to 15:30 or on the website of the project.

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