On 3rd February 2017 an awareness campaign about sport and health was developed, in Lousada, in the scope of the program Erasmus + Project Sport For All. It was an activity directed to elderly people, specifically to seniors who are part of Senior Movements in Lousada (a group of people doing various types of activities that keep the elderly occupied in their leisure time). This awareness campaign leaned over the benefits of healthy life habits through a good nutrition and regular practice of sport. At the same time there was a campaign about cancer prevention, to point out the world day of the fight against cancer. In this campaign several topics on health and sport were discussed and presented to the older population. These themes focused on the benefits of sport and the preventive aspects of sport in the cancer prevention. At the end of the awareness campaign a physical teacher did several physical activities in a funny way to show elderly people that they can be active persons in spite of their age, and that they can be healthy and happy too.