SPORT FOR ALL Project, Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

The project is implemented in accordance with AGREEMENT № 2015 – 3581 / 001 – 001


In the period 7-15 September 2016 Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care held AMBASSADORS FOR SPORT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Transnational Camp, Activity 4, Task 4 under SPORT FOR ALL Project. The training gave the opportunity to receive practical skills on how to plan, market and manage sport and physical activities projects, establish networks and use the social networks opportunities to promote the positive effects of sports for prevention of mass sicknesses such as stress, diabetes, obesity, and a way for healthy ageing. To promote the role of sport and physical activity against mass illnesses of youth and adults, and as an instrument for social changes, was the focus of each practical training day.

Guest lecturers from: Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Portugal and Turkey

Place: Dobrotitsa Hotel, Albena Resort, Bulgaria

Period: 7-15 September 2016







Dynamic Development Association /TURKEY/