SPORT FOR ALL Project, Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

The project is implemented in accordance with AGREEMENT № 2015 – 3581 / 001 – 001

On 14 July 2016 BALKANIA organized a Round Table event under the project: ”SPORT FOR ALL”, related with ACTIVITY 5. STAKEHOLDERS FOR SPORTS

The main goal of this activity is to raise the public institutions awareness on sport and physical activities as an effective instrument for improving the social capital of the EU. This event was attended by local people, stakeholders in sports, youth workers, sport volunteers and representatives of institutions in the region. It resulted with vigorous debate about the conditions in sport in the past, at the moment, sustainability and opportunities for the future and networking among participants.

Guest lectors: from Bulgaria /representatives of the BULGARIAN SPORTS FEDERATION FOR CHILDREN DEPRIVED OF PARENTAL CARE /

Place: Pehcevo, FYROM

Period: 14 July 2016