SPORT FOR ALL Project, Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care

The project is implemented in accordance with AGREEMENT № 2015 – 3581 / 001 – 001

In the period 3-4 May 2016 Bulgarian Sports Federation for Children Deprived of Parental Care held SPORT AGAINST AGGRESSION Mobile Training, Activity 2 Task 5 under SPORT FOR ALL Project. The event was a specialized training aiming to activate the collaboration between stakeholders for more sports activities involving children from social care institutions and young people at risk. The training provided an opportunity for the experts of the Bulgarian social care system to learn from practical experience and systematic best practices about more sports and physical activities in individual and group plans for social care – for youth and adults.

Guest lectors were: from Bulgaria and from Macedonia /representatives of A.B.A.T. BALKANIA/

Place: Park Hotel Europe, Haskovo, Bulgaria

Period: 3-4 May 2016